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More Information About Rabdosia

Rabdosia (aka Isodon) is a genus of small airy perennials and shrubs that are underused in gardens. These charming plants are relatives of mint, salvia and plectranthus and the family resemblance is apparent when they bloom in the fall when little else does. The masses of tiny, blue, pink, or white, tube-shaped Rabdosia flowers are perfect companions to just about anything that they grow near. No matter how you grow it, you will be charmed.

Unlike most fall-flowering plants, rabdosia prefers woodland conditions?partial shade, well-amended soil, and consistent moisture. The name rabdosia comes from the Greek "rhabdos&quot which translates to "a rod, stick, or magic wand" and refers to the long straight branches. Every gardener should wave this magic wand in their garden to produce beautiful results. When you're ready to buy rabdosia for your perennial garden, check out our online list of rabdosia for sale.