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More Information About Pycnothymus

The genus Pycnothymus is a subshrub in the mint family, Lamiacae. The genus is monotypic which means that it contains just a single species, Pycnothymus rigida.

Pycnothymus is native to drought-prone pinelands and oak scrub in Florida and Georgia, where it is a fairly common plant. Its mild mint flavor made pycnothymus a popular herb with native peoples, but also makes it deer-resistant. The Seminole Indians used pycnothymus extensively as a medicine (stimulant, cold remedy, fever reduction), tea, and spice to add flavor to soup.

As a garden specimen or in containers, pycnothymus is also quite useful. It looks a bit like a small rosemary shrub and produces petite, butterfly-attracting, lavender flowers at the tips of the stems. Pycnothymus prefers full sun and is adaptable to a wide range of soils, so long as they are not too salty (sorry coastal gardeners). Try putting pycnothymus in your herb garden (how does "parsely, sage, rosemary and pycnothymus " sound?) or put it in your mixed border along with other US natives like spigelia, rhexia, and silene. When you're ready to buy pycnothymus for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online offering of pycnothymus for sale.