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More Information About Pueraria

Although the genus Pueraria contains just 15-20 Asian species, it has really made a name for itself. Not a good name, mind you. Several species in the genus Pueraria are known as kudzu (P. lobata, P. montana, P. edulis, P. phaseoloides, P. thomsoni), or "the vine that ate the South". Pueraria species were imported by the Federal Government into the southern US in 1876 for erosion control, fodder, and since it is a legume, to improve the soil...but it escaped and its rampant growth has swallowed up millions of acres of land.

Although, in the US we are more focused on killing pueraria, there remain good reasons to grow it. Pueraria is a great protein source and is used to create medicines (real) and herbal remedies (probably fake) for many conditions. In Japan, a variegated version of pueraria was discovered and later imported for ornamental purposes.

Variegated kudzu has a typical pueraria leaf with irregular creamy margins. Variegated kudzu is not for the faint of grows fast, and needs to be monitored to prevent it from smothering nearby plants. When you are ready to buy variegated kudzu for your perennial garden, check out our online offering of pueraria for sale.