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More Information About Pilosella

Pilosella is a European and Asian genus in the Asteraceae family and contains around 150 species. Some taxonomists still consider pilosella to be part of the genus Hieracium, a huge genus , containing 800-1400 species. No matter where you place it, pilosella is closely related to dandelions and chicory and has a similar growth form that consists of a rosette of leaves and a 1' flower stalk.

A few species (such as Pilosella officinarum) make nice ornamentals. Pilosella has fuzzy, silvery leaves and a DYC (damn yellow composite) flower. Pilosella officinarum in particular, makes a nice garden groundcover because the plants spread via stolons to form a tight mat of silvery foliage that can exclude weeds. In addition, allelopathic pilosella roots can help to slow weed growth.

Pilosella needs full sun and grows well in dry soils with few nutrients. In some parts of the world (i.e., New Zealand, Quebec, Washington state, Oregon) pilosella species are pasture weeds, but here in North Carolina, it is a nice little garden plant. When you are ready to buy pilosella for your garden, check out our online offering of pilosella for sale.