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Paesia (Lace Fern)

More Information About Paesia

Paesia (pronounced PESS-ee-uh) is a small genus of tropical ferns that is closely related to Pteridium, Hypolepis, Microlepia and Dennstaedtia. Paesia is known for its long, highly divided, finely textured fronds and its habit of spreading around the garden on creeping rhizomes and by spore.

Paesia is named for a 17th century Poruguese administrator named Fernando Dias Paes Leme who was stationed in the South American colonies in the 1660s and is known for having explored the Minas Geraes mountains in Brazil.

Paesia is a tough fern... drought-tolerant and able to live in poor clay soil. Its spreading habit makes Paesia a great groundcover and potentially invasive in certain climates. In milder climates, Paesia can be grown in full sun but in hotter places, semi-shade is preferable. In addition to its wonderful architecture, Paesia has a pleasant sweet-spicy scent that is strongest when the dew-moistened fronds are warmed by the sun. When you are ready to buy Paesia for your garden, check out our online list of Paesia for sale below.