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More Information About Nannorrhops

Nannorrhops, aka Mazari Palm is a tiny genus of slow-growing, desert palms from the Arabian peninsula, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan that is quite rare in its native habitat. It is also quite difficult to find this cold hardy palm for sale in the horticultural trade. It is a very cold-hardy palm tree and can be grown in the Southeast US in Zones 8 and higher. Nannorrhops is a small palm (more of a palm bush than a palm tree) with wonderful, blue-tinged, fan-like leaves.

Nannorrhops prefers full sun and plenty of heat, tolerates drought, and like most cold hardy palm trees, needs well-drained soil to prevent winter root rot. It is also a clumping palm with one or more stems growing from a single crown. Multi-stemmed plants typically produce oblique or horizontal side stems next to a vertical main stem. The small orange-brown fruits are edible. In its native habitat, nannorrhops is often covered by snow for part of the winter.

In addition to making a fantastic landscape plant, nannorrhops can be grown as a houseplant. In the garden, nannorrhops looks best grown as a specimen plant and can be combined with other drought-tolerant plants such as aloe, agave, echeveria, or yucca for a desert theme. In the wild, nannorrhops is under pressure by humans who over-harvest the fruit and strip off the long stiff leaves to weave thatching, baskets and rope.