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More Information About Mitella

Mitella is a genus of around 20 species of herbaceous plants split almost evenly between North America (including North Carolina) and Asia. You may not have heard of Mitella before, but you probably know its botanical cousin, Heuchera. The name Mitella, when translated from the Latin, means "little Bishop's hat" because the tiny flowers look like (what else?) a mitre. Thus, the common name for Mitella is Mitrewort, but it is more commonly spelled Miterwort

Like heuchera, mitella is a low growing, clumping perennial for part shade that produces a narrow flower stalk covered in tiny butterfly-attracting flowers in spring. Mitella flowers are difficult to appreciate unless you look at them through the macro lens of a camera...then you'll notice the unique, photogenic, fringed petals.

There are not many Mitella species in cultivation and many are restricted to the dry, cool climates of the western and northern US. Here in the hot and humid Southeast, the only species seen is Mitella diphylla. Try combining Mitella with other informal woodland plants like actaea, clematis, or arisaema. When you are ready to buy mitella for your shade perennial garden, check out our online offering of mitella for sale.