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Microlepia (Rigid Lace Fern)

More Information About Microlepia

With a name like Microlepia, you might expect a tiny little garden fern, but that is not the case. Microlepia is an Asian genus of medium-sized, deer-resistant, hardy garden ferns (1-3' tall) that spread slowly into a clump. Like most garden ferns, microlepia prefers woodland conditions?partial shade, even moisture, and well amended soil. Although microlepia is a deciduous fern, it is quite late to lose its leaves in the fall. If you garden in Zone 7 or higher and have an unusually warm winter, microlepia may stay evergreen. Pair microlepia with hosta, astilbe, aspidistra or epimedium for a nice woodland mixed border. In colder zones, microlepia ferns also fair well as houseplants. In Hawaii, microlepia fronds are used to decorate altars and to make leis. When you're ready to buy microlepia for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online list of microlepia for sale.

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