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More Information About Macrothelypteris

Macrothelypteris is a small fern genus of 10 species that is, not surprisingly, related to Thelypteris and also to Phegopteris. Although most Macrothelypteris ferns are tropical in origin, there are a few that live in temperate areas such as the southern US.

Although the genus Macrothelypteris is small in number, each member of the genus is large in size. If you break down the word Macrothelypteris into its Greek roots (Macro, Thelys, Pteris), the name literally means large female fern. And they are large indeed, with fronds that can exceed 3' in length. In addition, this deciduous fern is a runner and so the clumps become quite large and can fill in open spaces rapidly.

In the wild, Macrothelypteris prefers to live in damp woods and stream banks. So in your garden, give it rich woodsy soil, plenty of moisture, and dappled shade. Good companions for Macrothelypteris include large varieties of hosta, arisaema. acanthus, carex, angelica, polygonatum, zingiber and anything else that will not be smothered by the spreading mass. In some areas of the world, Macrothelypteris is rampant enough to be considered invasive. So be prepared for lots of large ladies in your garden.

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