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More Information About Hypolepis

The genus Hypolepis is a group of 40-50 fern species distributed primarily in the tropics and in temperate parts of the southern hemisphere. The name hypolepis is derived from the Greek for "under scale" which is a reference to the spore producing sori under the margin of the frond. A few hypolepis species will grow in temperate gardens and, due to their typically large arching fronds, make attractive garden ferns. Ferns in the genus Hypolepis have a spreading habit and work well as groundcover plants or foundation plantings. This stoloniferous habit also means that you will have plenty of Hypolepis divisions to share with friends.

Like most garden ferns, Hypolepis prefers partial shade, and rich, well-drained, consistently moist, woodland soils. Hypolepis looks great when planted with larger woodland plants such as amorphophallus, tricyrtis and ligularia. And as a bonus, these ferns are deer-resistant. You can believe the hype with hypolepis.

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