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More Information About Hydrastis

The genus Hydrastis is a buttercup relative and American native plant that is most widely known for its use as an herbal remedy for a variety of ailments including cancer, diarrhea and bacterial infections. Use of this herb started with the Cherokee Indians who passed their knowledge of hydrastis to American colonists over 200 years ago. The popularity of goldenseal as a cure-all has led to its over-harvesting in the wild, putting hydrastis at risk in its native habitat of the eastern US and Canada.

Hydrastis is primarily a woodland garden perennial that has large, fatsia-like leaves and cute little flowers. It prefers to grow in rich soils and hilly woods that provide dappled sunlight. When warm weather arrives, the thick perennial hydrastis rhizomes rapidly produce 1' tall stems at their tips. Each stem holds a single large leaf and a single, white, short-lived flower. During summer, goldenseal plants produce an inedible, red, raspberry-like fruit. Due to overharvesting, you should only buy hydrastis from nurseries, such as Plant Delights, that ethically propagate from cultivated stock. Since goldenseal root sells for as much as $100 per pound, you can easily make your money back by cultivating the plant as a crop and still enjoy its ornamental charms. Hydrastis pairs well with other shade-loving plants like arisaema, carex, claytonia, and geranium. When you are ready to buy hydrastis for your garden, check out our online list of hydrastis for sale.