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More Information About Homoglad

In 1931 a British gardener, Collingwood Ingram, first made this interesting intergeneric cross by mating the fragrant Gladiolus tristus with the colorful and tough Homoglossum watsonianum. He christened the offspring x Homoglad and distributed a particular cultivar of it that he named 'General Smuts'. In 1989 taxonomists moved many species of the genus Homoglossum into Gladiolus including Homoglossum watsonianum (now Gladiolus watsonianus), and therefore the name x Homoglad became invalid. However, horticulturists who straddle the line between taxonomy and home gardening know that these types of name changes are not always permanent, so many horticulturists (ourselves included) still hold onto the name x Homoglad.

x Homoglad hybrids have multi-colored flowers (including orange, yellow, pink, or cream) that appear in spring. In the evening, x Homoglad flowers release a pleasant scent thanks to the Gladiolus tristis parent. x Homoglad prefers sun or part shade, well-drained soil, and not too much water. The plants are not particularly large and will barely reach 2' in height. Although the hybrids may not always be fertile and set seed, they do reproduce well via bulblets, so you will have plenty to share. When you are ready to buy x Homoglad for your garden, check out our online list of x Homoglad for sale.