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More Information About Harpochloa

Harpochloa is an southern African genus of ornamental grass that contains just a single species, Harpochloa falx. Native to the fynbos (savannahs and grasslands) of southern Africa, Harpochloa makes a wonderful semi-evergreen ornamnetal grass in southern US gardens where it is cold hardy. Each individual leaf is long, and extremely narrow and they clump together in an attractive hemispherical shape that looks great in both formal and informal gardens. The flower heads of Harpochloa appear over a long period in summer and may be used as a cutflower to add a grassy texture to your flower arrangements. Harpochloa seed heads bend sharply from the flower stalk and look like caterpillars, hence the common name. Harpochloa is easy to grow, not picky about soil type and non-invasive. Harpochloa is very tolerant of grazing, so while it is not deer or rabbit repelling, it will tolerate their knawing and bounce back just fine. When you're ready to buy Harpochloa for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online list of Harpochloa for sale.