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More Information About Grevillea

Grevillea is a genus of over 370 species of evergreen shrubs and trees in the Proteaceae family, a southern hemisphere family known for its astonishing variety of beautiful flowers. Grevillea is native to Australia, New Guinea and other nearby islands where it is a popular ornamental shrub. Grevillea species can be found all over Australia but some species have adapted to many other, arid, wet, cool, etc.

The soils in Australia are extremely poor in the important plant nutrient phosphorus and Grevillea has become adapted to this. In the US, we have lots of phosphorus in our soil and we tend to add more every time we fertilize. Grevillea (or any Protea family member) can easily be poisoned by the phosphorus in our gardens so it is seldom grown here.

However, it is not hard to create a garden bed in which Grevillea will thrive. A raised bed with lots of sandy or gritty components mixed in with the soil (and no phosphorus!) should suit this attractive plant. Grevillea prefers full sun and well-drained, low nutrient soil. Keep the plants watered during summer in their first few years, but after that Grevillea will be fairly drought-tolerant. An annual pruning will keep your Grevillea shrub from getting lanky. When you are ready to add grevillea to your garden, check out our online offering of grevillea for sale.