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Graptopetalum (Ghost Plant)

Try growing graptopetalum in a rock garden, an alpine bed, or cascading over a wall. Graptopetalum will also grow well in a container and looks great as it spills over the sides. Read More about Graptopetalum

More Information About Graptopetalum

The genus Graptopetalum is small, containing only a dozen species of exotic, drought-tolerant plants that are closely related to sedums. Graptopetalum is a small succulent plant that is native to Mexico and the Southwest US. One species, Graptopetalum paraguayense, is cold-hardy in warm temperate gardens, provided the plants are protected from winter moisture. They are great plants for green roofs too.

Most people consider succulents to be plants for extreme desert heat, but that is not always the case. Succulents like graptopetalum actually do not like intense heat and are found instead in cooler xeric locations such as on mountains. We grow graptopetalum primarily for its succulent rosettes atop short stems, but it also produces small, long-lasting, white flowers in summer.

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