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Glaucidium (Japanese Wood Poppy)

More Information About Glaucidium

Glaucidium is a monotypic (only one species) genus in the hellebore (Ranunculaceae) family. The sole species, Glaucidium palmatum, is endemic to northern Japan (Hokkaido and Honshu).

Glaucidium makes a wonderful sight in the spring with its mayapple-like palmate leaves and mauve or (rarely) white flowers that grow singly at the tip of a stem.

Unfortunately for us here in the Southeast, it is too hot and humid for Glaucidium to survive in the garden. We will have to enjoy Glaucidium vicariously through our northern (and less humid western) gardener friends. For those who can grow it, Glaucidium prefers full shade, and cool, moist, well-drained soils. Try pairing Glaucidium with ferns, helleborus, and heuchera. When you are ready to buy glaucidium for your shade garden, check out our online offering of glaucidium for sale.