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More Information About Fritillaria

The genus Fritillaria contains about 100 species of flowering plants native throughout temperate areas of the northern hemisphere. These lily relatives are characterized by having pendent flowers in shades of purple or white and some fritillaria flowers have an unpleasant odor like a wet dog that has been rolling around in poo.

Fritillaria are deer-resistant plants that prefer well-drained soil and full sun. Some species (like Fritillaria meleagris) prefer slightly moist conditions, while others (such as all of the North American species and Fritillaria imperialis) absolutely must have well-drained conditions, especially in summer. The flowers appear in spring and are great companions to narcissus and tulips. The checkerboard pattern present on some ritillaria flowers has been used in the Croatian coat of arms, and as the floral emblem of Oxfordshire UK, Uppland Sweden, Ishikawa Prefecture and the city of Obihiro Japan. When you are ready to buy fritillaria for your garden, check out our online list of fritillaria for sale.