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More Information About Freesia

Freesia is a South African Iris relative of 16 species that is probably best known as an intensely fragrant cut flower popular in wedding bouquets. The pleasantly scented flowers are also used to provide fragrance for soaps and candles.

In areas with mild winters, some Freesia species (F. corymbosa, F. refracta and F. leichtlinii) are popular garden bulbs (corms actually). We were understandably happy to find Freesia alba, which is not only one of the most fragrant Freesia species, but is also hardier than most sources list and grows in our warm temperate garden in Raleigh, NC.

Freesia flowers have a curious trait in that the flower stalk takes a 90 degree bend so that the flower cluster is parallel to the ground. After flowering, freesia goes dormant, avoiding the dog days of summer. It returns in the fall and slowly grows throughout the winter.

Freesia prefers partial sun, consistent moisture, and a well-drained sandy or stony soil that mimics its native South African habitat. It also can be grown as a houseplant too. When you are ready to buy freesia for your perennial garden or home container, we hope you'll check out our online list of freesia for sale.