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More Information About Foeniculum

Foeniculum is a monotypic genus of Mediterranean plants in the same botanical family as dill and carrots. The sole species is Foeniculum vulgare, whose anise-flavored bulb-like stem base, leaves, and seeds are used in cooking. Foeniculum is prized by gardeners for its airy leaves and yellow flowers that attract butterflies to the garden, particularly the anise swallowtail whose caterpillars feed on the plants.

Foeniculum has naturalized in temperate areas all over the world. It is an easy-to-grow plant that prefers full sun and does not like to dry out in summer. The fine textured foliage of foeniculum combines well with coarse textured plants such as crinum, fatsia, and agapanthus. When you are ready to buy foeniculum for your garden, check out our online offering of foeniculum for sale.