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More Information About Eustoma

Eustoma is a small genus (3 species) of popular flowering plants that is native to grasslands in North, Central and South America. One species in particular, Eustoma russellianum, is popular in the cut-flower industry for its large, richly-colored blooms. Although Eustoma is generally considered to be an annual (especially the highly hybridized cut-flower types), it is a perennial in some good garden locations. Although Eustoma is sometimes given the common name Lisianthus (particularly by cut-flower growers), it is actually a separate genus , completely unrelated to the true Lisianthus. Eustoma is also sometimes called Gentian, which is a close cousin, but is also a separate genus.

The name Eustoma comes from the Greek "Eu" (true or good) and "Stoma" (mouth) which refers to the beautiful color patterns found in the mouth of the flower. In addition to the pretty purple-blue flowers, Eustoma plants often produce attractive blue-tinted leaves. In the wild, Eustoma is a grassland plant that grows wild in the US from Texas to Montana. This means that Eustoma is very adaptable, in addition to being incredibly beautiful. Try growing Eustoma in a prairie-like garden with Panicum or other ornamental grasses. When you are ready to buy Eustoma for your garden, check out our online list of Eustoma for sale.