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More Information About Eranthis

Eranthis is a genus of 8 tiny european and asian perennials in the Ranunculaceae family, making it cousin to hellebores and delphiniums. Eranthis are bulbous plants with white or yellow flowers that appear during the cool part of the year, usually late winter. Eranthis flowers are followed by the attractive leaves which hang around until summer's heat arrives.

The growth pattern of eranthis is opposite of most plants... they appear during the fall or winter, bloom, and then go dormant before the summer really gets going. This means that although eranthis likes part-sun, you can grow them under the canopy of deciduous trees because they are most active when the trees are bare. Eranthis does not like soggy soils while summer dormant, so planting them under deciduous trees also allows the tree roots to remove the water from around the dormant bulbs. Once established, eranthis will seed around and naturalize in the garden, providing a nice splash of color during the doldrums of winter. Eranthis also does not tolerate extended drought and requires a average to slightly moist soil at all times. Like the other plant named Wolf's Bane (aconitum), all parts of eranthis plants are poisonous and thus are deer-resistant. When you are ready to buy eranthis for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online offering of eranthis for sale.