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More Information About Elymus

Elymus is a genus of over 150 species of perennial ornamental grasses named for the Greek word for "grain". This group includes a closely related genus called Leymus (an intentional anagram of Elymus), that some taxonomists lump together and some keep separate. Elymus (and Leymus) are tough, drought-tolerant perennial grasses, most with nice blue foliage, that also produce attractive seed spikes. Many Elymus species are native to Mexico and the Western US which means that they are quite heat and drought-tolerant. Some species of elymus are vigorous spreaders while others like Elymus 'Canyon Prince' are more clump forming.

The size of the plants depends on the environment. If you irrigate Elymus it will grow taller. Elymus is easy to maintain, requiring a haircut only if your plant starts looking ratty. Try combining Elymus with dianthus, agave, or zantedeschia for a striking combination, either in the ground or in a container. When you're ready to buy ornamental grass for your perennial garden, we hope you'll elect to buy elymus. Check out our online offering of elymus ornamental grass for sale.