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More Information About Doodia

The genus Doodia contains just 8-15 species of ferns, but they have a world-wide distribution. Doodia ferns tend to be on the small side, but make up for this by being very colorful when they first emerge. New doodia fronds are coppery red-pink and brighter in sunny locations than in shade. Doodia fronds are also quite rough to the touch and are the source of the common name, rasp fern. The name doodia commemorates Samuel Doody, a curator of the Chelsea Physic garden in the late 1600s and an expert in moss and algae.

Like most ferns, doodia prefers partial shade and rich, well-drained, consistently moist, woodland soils. However, doodia is very tough and can easily withstand sunny or even dryish spots in the garden. The rough fronds of doodia are deer-resistant. Try combining doodia with other smallish woodland plants such as primula, asarum, and heuchera. When you are ready to buy doodia for your garden or home, check out our doodia for sale.