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Dierama (Fairybells)

More Information About Dierama

Dierama is a African Iris relative native primarily to the southern part of the continent. Known by many common names such as Wedding Bells, Wandflowers or Angel's Fishing Rod, our favorite common name for Dierama is Fairybells. Dierama grows from a corm and produces grass-like leaves overtopped by tall flower stalks in the summer. The branched flower stalks are topped by clusters of flowers in a wide range of colors (depending on species). In some species, the flower stalks are thin, bending down under the weight of the flowers and dancing in the wind similar to our native Guara. As with many south african plants, Dierama likes full sun, heat and well drained soil...perfect for a rock garden as long as it does not get too dry in the summer. Its tolerance for wind makes Dierama a nice plant for a coastal garden too. Dierama is slow to grow to flowering size and does not like to be disturbed, so patient gardeners will have the best success with this plant.