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More Information About Diarrhena

If you giggled a little bit when you first read the name Diarrhena, you wouldn't be the first person to do so. The Greek roots of the name diarrhena are "dias" and "arren" which basically means "two-anthers"...pretty innocent. Diarrhena is a small genus of hardy, deer-resistant ornamental grasses with 6 species that are native wildflowers to eastern North America and to eastern Asia.

Diarrhena plants form a nice clump of leaves 2-3' tall and in the summer the leaves are joined by long, tall, narrow flower stalks with tan flowers. The flowers give way in the fall to brown seeds with a point or beak on one end...hence the common name, beak grass. As a rule, diarrhena plants prefer a lightly shaded site with moist to somewhat dry soils that have plenty of organic matter.

Perennial ornamental grasses are real work-horses in the garden. They are tough, easy to grow, and provide a nice vertical or arching structure useful in garden design. There are many 'styles' of ornamental grass for sale, including variegated grasses, grasses with blue, purple, or yellow leaves and grasses with ornamental seed heads. Gardeners looking to buy ornamental grasses can find a wide variety for sale. Here at Plant Delights Nursery we specialize in producing new, special, and hard-to-find ornamental grasses for sale to gardeners in the Southeast. When you are ready to buy diarrhena for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online list of diarrhena for sale.