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More Information About Deinanthe

Hailing from eastern Asia, Deinanthe is a genus of just two species (Deinanthe bifida and Deinanthe caerulea) of hydrangea relatives. Unlike their more well-known woody cousins, deinanthe species are herbaceous perennials.

Deinanthe plants are very rare in cultivation but are easy to grow. Like hydrangea, deinanthe prefers woodland conditions including partial sun, rich, acidic, organic soils, and consistent moisture. In late spring or early summer, deinanthe produces clusters of nodding, quarter-sized white, rose or blue, photogenic, anemone-like flowers that attract butterflies. Deinanthe is a slow grower and will eventually make a clump that is 3' tall and wide.

The name Deinanthe is from the Greek "deimos" and "anthos" which roughly translates as "strange flower", for the flowers are unusual for a hydrangea family member. Both the young leaves and roots can be cooked and eaten...if you can't find a grocery store nearby. When you're ready to buy deinanthe for your perennial garden, check out our online offering of deinanthe for sale.