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More Information About Cyperus

Cyperus is a large genus , containing around 600 species that are distributed throughout the world. Some cyperus are attractive ornamentals (see below), some are valuable crops (papyrus, chufa), and some are terrible weeds (nutsedge). Most sedges have a grass-like appearance with narrow leaves and small greenish flowers. Many of the ornamental cyperus species have an umbrella shape, with a single narrow stem topped with a tuft of arching grass-like leaves. They are referred to collectively as umbrella sedges.

Although most cyperus grow in shallow water, there are some selections that are amazingly drought-tolerant. Ornamental cyperus species are perfect for ponds, waterways, sunken containers, and other moist sites. Cyperus works well as a specimen plant, a houseplant, a poolside plant, or growing in a drift. In tropical climates, even some of the ornamental cyperus can grow too well, so be cautious. The grass-like texture of cyperus pairs well with hibiscus, iris, sarracenia, and colocasia. When you are ready to buy cyperus for your perennial garden or your home, we hope you'll check out our online list of cyperus for sale.