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Collinsonia (Richweed)

More Information About Collinsonia

Collinsonia is a genus of mint relatives (Lamiaceae) native to eastern North America, containing some members that are popular as herbal remedies for a variety of ailments. However, we are interested in Collinsonia's ornamental characteristics, and it has those, too. Collinsonia species are herbaceous shade plants that produce late summer clusters of small, pastel colored flowers that upon close inspection reveal a wonderful little frilly beard on the lower petal. The plants are not unlike some woodland garden Saliva species in form and function with a loose, coarse habit.

Collinsonia flowers are really fascinating to observe up close. The frilly lower lip, the two extended filaments and the small tuft of beard-like hairs in the throat of the flower combine to look like a tiny insect face...very cute. In addition to the charming floral display, Collinsonia flowers and leaves are also fragrant, with a lovely citronella-like fragrance. The loose branching habit and large, serrated leaves of Collinsonia look great in a shade garden when paired with plants such as ferns, carex, podophyllum, arisaema and actaea. Put a little richness in your garden with richweed. When you are ready to buy Collinsonia for your garden, check out our online list of Collinsonia for sale.