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More Information About Chondropetalum

The genus Chondropetalum contains 23 species in the restio family (Restionanceae). Chondropetalum (like all restios) are grass-like perennials that are native to southern Africa where they are adapted to dry, hot summers. Chondropetalum and its relative rhodocoma are not widely used in the Southeast US because of our humid, wet summers, but in the right location, both make fine ornamental plants.

The chondropetalum that we grow is marginally winter hardy here, but will survive the winters better in the southern half of the Gulf Coast states. Up here in the northern tundra of Raleigh, we treat Chondropetalum as a container plant or a tender perennial. Chondropetalum prefers full sun and well-drained soil. And as you might guess from its heritage, chondropetalum will tolerate drought and heat well. Try combining chondropetalum with other xeric plants such as salvia, agave, and gaura for a beautiful and colorful dry garden. When you are ready to buy chondropetalum for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online list of chondropetalum for sale.