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More Information About Butia

Butia is a small genus of palms containing 9 species, one of which (Butia capitata) is a fairly cold-hardy palm tree and can be grown in the Southeast US. Butia grows natively in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. The genus Butia has feather-like, recurved leaves on a relatively slow growing thick trunk.

Butia capitata is the hardiest of the feather-leaved palms. Unlike many palms, butia is fairly clean and does not hold onto many old dead leaves, thus minimizing the annual clean-up. In the summer, Butia capitata produces hundreds of 1" delicious fleshy orange fruits called pindo dates that are used to make jelly, jam or wine. Of the cold hardy palms for sale, this is one of the few that produces edible fruit.

Butia palms are salt- and drought-tolerant, grow well in full sun or moderate shade and need well-drained soil to prevent winter rot. Gardeners need to site this palm properly as the dropping fruit can be a nuisance on driveways and sidewalks. Butia palms are easy-to-grow and extremely popular cold hardy palm trees among palm aficionados. When you are ready to buy a butia palm tree for your garden, check out our online butia for sale.