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More Information About Arrhenatherum

Arrhenatherum is a small genus of grasses, a few of which are useful in perennial gardens. Being a mid-sized ornamental grass means that Arrhenatherum is perfect for mixed plantings and container plantings. Similar in appearance to Panicum, Arrhenatherum features 1/4" wide leaves up to 2' tall with a bluish tint that looks great near Chrysanthemum, Euphorbia, Paeonia, Rudbeckia, and Hosta. Although Arrhenatherum flowers do look like oats, they are small and have an insignificant visual impact.

Arrhenatherum prefers a moist site with a bit of shade, but it is tolerant of a wide range of habitats and is drought-tolerant once established. That combined with its smallish size make Arrhenatherum a great choice for rock gardens and groundcover plantings. Arrhenatherum prefers the cooler summers of the north so if it starts to look a little rough I mid-summer, simply shear it back and allow fresh new growth to replace the tired old growth. When you are ready to buy Arrhenatherum for your garden, check out our online list of Arrhenatherum for sale below.