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More Information About Aristida

Aristida is a genus of ornamental grass native to warm, dry parts of the world. Certain species of Aristida are major components of regional US ecosystems. In the southern US, there is a region called Wiregrass Country whose name comes from the Aristida which dominates the area. Here in North Carolina, the curious natural features called Carolina bays feature Aristida beyrichiana as important understory grasses. Some Aristida species make decent garden plants as well due to their narrow leaves and narrow bottlebrush-like flower heads but they are hard to find and rarely grown.

What is an awn by the way? It is a botanists' term for a small bristle-like feature on the flower head of many grasses. You may have seen this term used in other ornamental grasses like Muhlenbergia (Hairy awn).

Aristida grasses are generalists and can tolerate a wide range of conditions...poor soil, drought, heat, temporary standing water etc. This makes Aristida great for rain gardens, rock gardens, container plantings and other tough sites. Try pairing Aristida with tough plants that complement its texture like Gaillardia, Echinacea, Coreopsis and Gaura. When you are ready to buy Aristida for your garden, check out our online list of Aristida for sale below.