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More Information About Anemia

The Anemia is a genus that contains around 120 species of ferns that are native to the US, Mexico, Brazil, Africa, Madagascar and India. The common name "flowering fern " comes from the fact that Anemia fern species produce separate vegetative and reproductive fronds. Although Anemia spore fronds look like grass flower spikes with their showy yellow and golden brown spore structures, they are not true flowers.

Even though most Anemia fern species are tropical, there are some that live in mountainous regions and have developed a degree of cold hardiness. Anemia tomentosa is one such fern. This plant is very small and is suitable for a rock garden or the front of a woodland border. Anemia tomentosa fronds have another surprise for the gardener...they smell like myrhh. The aromatic compounds in anemia fern leaves are being studied for their insect repellent and antimicrobial properties. When you're ready to buy anemia ferns for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check our online list of anemia for sale.