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More Information About Alopecurus

Alopecurus is a genus of ornamental grasses with a distinct and beautiful seed head that is as popular as a cut flower as it is in the landscape. There are both annual and perennial species of Alopecurus, but of course we are only interested in the perennial forms here at Plant Delights.

The genus name Alopecurus is derived from the Greek words for fox and tail. The flower head of Alopecurus does look like a narrow but bushy fox tail. However, the name may also refer to the fact that the hooked seeds will latch onto the fur of passing animals in order to be distributed around its environment. There are 36 species of Alopecurus, some of which are weeds, some of which are agricultural crops (animal fodder mostly), and some of which are ornamental. Alopecurus is a widespread genus and the species tolerate heat and even periodic flooding quite well. However Alopecurus is not very drought-tolerant. Foxtail grass is great for rain gardens, rock gardens, coastal salt-laden gardens, and looks great in containers too. We like to pair Alopecurus with Buddleia, Coreopsis, Alstroemeria and Dicliptera and we also like to mass it in a border. When you are ready to buy Alopecurus for your garden, check out our online list of Alopecurus for sale below.