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More Information About Aletris

The genus Aletris consists of 21 species of small perennial monocots native to Asia, eastern North America, and the Bahamas. Aletris is generally a small plant consisting of a rosette of small iris-like leaves that emerges in a tuft from the ground. In late spring and during summer, aletris plants produce a tall, narrow flower stalk topped with a cluster of small white or yellow, urn-shaped flowers reminiscent of the other blazing star, liatris.

Aletris is a petite plant perfect for a small space or mixed with other plants as part of a meadow garden. Indeed, moist sandy meadows and prairies are where the common American species Aletris farinosa is most commonly found, growing along with rudbeckia, asclepias, eupatorium, and calopogon. Historically, aletris was used medicinally to treat colic, "female issues", and several other maladies.

Aletris prefers moist, acidic, well-drained soil in full or part sun. However, some species will also do well in somewhat mesic sites. In the wild, aletris is easily displaced by other spreading plants, so keep yours clear of nearby competition. When you're ready to buy aletris for your perennial garden, please check out our online offering of aletris for sale.