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More Information About Ajania

As the common names 'Gold and Silver Chrysanthemum' and 'Pacific Chrysanthemum' suggest, Ajania used to be part of genus Chrysanthemum. This Aster relative is an asian genus of 35 species, only one of which is commonly grown in gardens, Ajania pacifica.

Ajania plants form nice mounds of small, lobed, dark green foliage that is topped with small button-like, yellow, pink or purple flowers. This fall flowering perennial looks great in the garden or can be used to produce a nice crop of cut flowers. Their general toughness, drought-tolerance and resistance to heat and humidity mean that Ajania is a great flowering perennial for the southeast US. Ajania is relatively maintenance and pest free...the only thing is it prefers to be divided every two or three years to maintain its vigor. Ajania is a great groundcover plant and its small size means that it looks good in a rock garden too. Try pairing Ajania with blue flowering perennials like Gentiana or Campanula or silver-leaved plants like Dianthus or Agave for a nice color contrast. When you are ready to buy Ajania for your garden, check out our online list of Ajania for sale below.