Ferns and Allies for the Shade Garden

Ferns and Allies for the Shade Garden

By Published April 28, 2015 Updated June 28, 2022

At Plant Delights Nursery you can buy ferns for sale from a sizeable and assorted selection. We provide a wealth of detailed information about each fern to help you make your choice. These are hardy perennials that will enhance your garden flower beds. Ferns have long been a favorite of garden owners because they add lush foliage with interesting hues. They also augment flowering plants and add a delightful textural dimension to your back yard. Most ferns thrive with regular watering although many can survive some drought once they are fully established. Most fern varieties should be planted in moist conditions to thrive. In nature, ferns are found along creeks and in moist, woodland environents with dappeled light or shade most of the day. A few hours of morning sun is fine, but too much sun will lead to scorching and new ferns may not be able to take the heat.

Good companions to garden ferns are hosta plants. Hostas are perennials as well, and they thrive under similar conditions. This makes them an ideal complement. There are varieties of hostas that will thrive in the morning sun and there are those that flourish in the light shade. This makes hostas perfect for certain areas of your yard that might get too little sunlight. Also consider adding ornamental grasses for shade to compliment the rest of your woodland garden perennials. Another under used shade perennial that looks great alongside fern plants are Trillium. These shade lovers are also winter, early spring bloomers so in addition to adding some additional texture you will also have lovely blooms when the rest of your plants are just getting started. 

Our Plant Delights Nursery customers have been able to buy ferns for sale from us since 1988. We have provided countless customers with high quality live plants. We would like to do the same for you. We encourage you to peruse our web site and if you have any questions about a plant or product please get in touch with us. We have a wide variety of perennials and you will find the exact plant for your needs.

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