Selecting Full Sun Perennials that bloom all summer

Selecting Full Sun Perennials that bloom all summer

By Published January 13, 2014 Updated June 13, 2022

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Spring can spoil us with its glut of flowers. Then summer comes and replaces all that color with green. It can be hard transition for flower addicts and color junkies. But don’t worry; we have a support group for you, Plant Delights Nursery. And we have the cure for you, full sun perennials that bloom all summer, Please note that we are not actually medical or a support group in any way, but we can help you with your green thumb, just not if it’s actually gangrenous, then please call a doctor. Summer can have plenty of color with perennials that bloom all summer, you just need to choose the right plants. Our catalog and website have plenty of full sun perennials that will satisfy your craving for summer color.

You may be familiar with some full sun flowers that bloom all summer, but you might not know how diverse a group of plant that might be. Many summer bloomers are not well known, and can add a vast array of color and diversity to the summer garden. Flower diversity is not limited to spring, you don’t have to get a subpar fix in the summer. Plant Delights nursery offers a large selection of unusual and hard to find perennials that bloom all summer to fit just about any garden conditions or requirements.

Perennial Hibiscus and canna are great perennials that bloom all summer, but you might have drier conditions or want something smaller. It’s not a problem, you can still get your flower fix. Delosperma (ice plant) are a great choice for evergreen ground cover in spots or climates that are drier. These succulents are green year round, and then make a carpet of colorful flowers throughout spring and summer. These stunning full sun perennials are a great way to satiate color addicts, though perhaps not the best for real addicts as Delosperma are known to contain psychoactive compounds.

Another great group of full sun perennials and summer blooming flowers that tolerate dry conditions are the rain lilies. These flowers bloom throughout summer in moist regions, but suddenly flower in mass after rain, especially in dry areas. It is a stunning sight that might seem hallucinatory, but you’re not tripping on delosperma, it’s definitely real. Shop at Plant Delights Nursery to satisfy your plant addiction where you can find a selection of rare plants so large you’d think you were tripping; and when you get a major color deficit in winter be sure to visit us for winter bloomers before you decide moving to Florida is you best option.

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