Shade Plants Are Perfect for Gardens with Limited Sun

Shade Plants Are Perfect for Gardens with Limited Sun

By Published September 05, 2016 Updated July 05, 2022

If you long to have a beautiful garden or landscape around your home, but feel that your dream is lost because you do not have direct sunlight, shade plants are the perfect choice. Many new to gardening believe that in order for all plants to flourish, they must have several hours of direct sunlight each day. This is simply not true! There are a number of shade plants that will thrive in areas with little to no sunlight. In fact, many species grow best in shaded areas. While there are very few shade plants that need complete shade, there are several varieties that will grow in light and partially shaded areas.

Hosta plants are one variety of shade plants that are very popular. These plants are perennials, meaning that they only need to be planted once in order to enjoy them for many years. They have beautifully colored foliage and produce colorful flowers during the summer months. Hostas are a wonderful choice for areas around your porch, deck, or other areas that may receive little sunlight throughout the day. Some varieties of hostas will actually grow in direct sunlight as well as partial shade. Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. offers a wide variety of hostas, as well as other shade plants that will help you to create a beautiful garden, even without direct sunlight.

At Plant Delights Nursery, we offer information on various different species of perennial plants, as well as sell only plants of the highest quality. Whether you are new to gardening or already have a green-thumb, we can help you enhance your outdoor and indoor garden areas.

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