Add Beauty To Shaded Areas with Shade Plants

Add Beauty To Shaded Areas with Shade Plants

By Published November 13, 2014 Updated June 13, 2022

Many gardeners are at a loss as to what plants are best for shaded areas. If you have areas in your garden or landscaping that do not provide direct sunlight, shade plants will give you the opportunity to fill in those areas with color. Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. provides a number of plants that will perform well without hours and hours of sunlight each day. Contrary to some opinion, all plants do not require full sunlight throughout the day. There are many that thrive with just a few hours of sunlight in the morning or evening. The hosta is one of these plants.

Hosta plants are beautiful perennials that give you splashes of colored foliage as well as beautiful blooms during the spring and summer months. If you have an area of your garden that is shaded most of the day or you want to plant a perennial around your home, porch or deck, the hosta is a good choice. Plant Delights Nursery offers a number of well performing and beautiful hostas that will provide you with the color that you want to fill in those shaded areas. Hostas can range in size from just 2 inches to over 3 feet in height and are typically hardy in USDA zones 3 through 8. Plant Delights can help you to determine your USDA hardiness zone and choose the right hostas for your specific shaded areas.

Whether you want perennial flowers for shade or you prefer those that grow in full sunlight, we offer a number of choices. From our lovely Arisaema (Jack in the Pulpit) to the more exotic and untraditional elephant ears and agave plants, we can help you to build a beautiful and unique gardening area, even if most of your garden is shaded throughout the day. We sell only the best performers and ensure that you receive only quality plants and flowers. Our Botanic Garden offers Open House Days where you can visit and see our current cultivars.

At Plant Delights Nursery, we want you to experience a beautiful garden. We will help you to choose the right perennials for your specific growing zone and gardening needs. We offer native plants from a number of regions and provide high performers from around the world. Feel free to continue to browse our website to learn more about our selection of shade plants or other perennials or contact us at Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. for more information today.

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