A Plant Nursery offering Shade Garden Perennials

A Plant Nursery offering Shade Garden Perennials

By Published May 15, 2016 Updated June 15, 2022

Whether you find gardening to be a challenge or a thrill, you will find the perennials you want with the advice you need at Plant Delights Nursery. We are an online plant nursery offering over a thousand different perennial plants with many just right for that shady spot in your woodland garden.

You will find the perfect shade perennial for that hard-to-plant dry area under your deciduous trees or that moist area by a stream or pond. Our plant nursery offers perennial plants for areas that receive dappled sun to those difficult locations in deep shade. If you need help deciding just which plants to add to your shady garden, our website offers many helpful in depth articles on specific plants and plant families. You will also find articles on how to care for your new additions with information on soil preparation, hardiness zone and overwintering marginally hardy plants.

With such a large selection of perennials, our plant nursery offers shade-appropriate plants for both beginner gardeners and seasoned collectors. Easy-care plants such as Epimediums and hellebores lend color to a shady spot with their colorful blooms and long-lasting foliage while our selection of Cypripediums will appeal to the gardener looking for something quite rare and unusual.

The woodland garden is the perfect setting for gardeners to experiment with foliage texture, color and form. You will find what you need from spiky Carex to colorful Heuchera and bold Acanthus at our online plant nursery. We also offer one of the largest selections of Hostas available… anything from smooth to corrugated leaves, old standards to quirky newcomers and variegation for every taste.

Plant Delights Nursery has offered unusual perennials for gardeners who love shade for over twenty-five years and has been awarded the Perennial Plant Association’s Retailer of the Year award. You will be delighted by the selection of shade perennials for your garden and the wealth of information about caring for them at our online plant nursery.

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