Are You Searching for Rare and Unusual Plants?

Are You Searching for Rare and Unusual Plants?

Your Search Is Over

By Published November 21, 2013 Updated June 21, 2022

Have you searched for unusual plants? We know the best place for you to look. No, not Portland, Asheville, or Austin…that's for people. No, the best place to look is in plant catalogs and the best plant catalogs for unusual plants are by Plant Delights Nursery and on our website. But if you are from one of those places where the motto is “keep it weird”, then the best place for you to shop for unusual plants to help keep it that way is at Plant Delights Nursery. But unusual plants are also for anyone who wants to add a little flair with attention-grabbing plants for their garden.

Here at Plant Delights our plant catalogs are filled with unusual plants for sale. We specialize in hard-to-find, unusual, rare and endangered plants, so you know we're the best place to look. We have whole groups of unusual plants other companies don't even sell. From curly rushes to giant amorphophallus flowers, and the largest selection of ferns you've never heard of, we are the museum of oddities and the freak show of the nursery business. But don't worry, we have showgirls and acrobats among the bearded ladies and contortionists. Please note that while our plant catalogs are a great place to find and buy rare plants, there are no actual showgirls in it.

We research, explore, and communicate with others in the field of horticulture to bring you these oddities. We present the vicious bug eating pitcher plant (Sarracenia) and Venus fly traps. Warning: they are dangerous if you are under an inch tall. We bring you rare and alluring hardy orchids. The mysterious hooded jack-in-the-pulpits (Arisaema). And many others.

Plants are our passion and our mission is to bridge botany and horticulture. That, along with our business model as a mail order nursery supporting a botanical garden, and our research allows us to focus on all plants of interest, not only those that will be the most commercially successful. That means perennials that are unusual or botanically interesting are offered alongside those that might eventually be sold at a garden center. The horticultural industry as a whole benefits from our work as does the collector of unusual or rare plants. So keep Plant Delights Nursery weird and buy our plants.

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