New and Unique Perennial Plants

New and Unique Perennial Plants

By Published May 28, 2012 Updated June 28, 2022

Every year breeders produce new perennial plants for gardeners. Here at Plant Delights Nursery, we strive to acquire the best of these new perennials, trial them here in our Raleigh, NC garden and release only those that pass muster with us. We have 4 acres of trial beds plus another 10 acres of display gardens where we plant and observe. If a plant fails to live up to our exacting standards, we toss it, and you will never see it in our perennial plant catalog. However, if it proves to be tough, reliable, beautiful, and non-invasive in our Raleigh, NC garden, then we are happy to offer the plants online for sale to you.

Breeders are focusing their efforts at creating new perennial cultivars that perform better in heat and humidity so that gardeners in southern climates can enjoy perennials that they could once only dream about. New perennial plants online are also bred for unique, exciting colors and flower forms. New plants such as the sun-loving echinacea now bloom in a wide range of colors and new shapes, making the common name 'purple cone flower' obsolete. Perennials for shade, such as heuchera}, now come in a stunning range of foliage colors and frilly textures, adding excitement to woodland areas. You can buy perennials that have double flowers, rather than the standard single-flowering varieties, and new perennials that have been bred for increased flowering, longer bloom times and variegated foliage. We have a large collection of variegated hosta that produce exciting foliage and blooms. With the trend toward smaller yards, new plants are now available in dwarf forms, making them easier to incorporate into a tight spot or a container planting. The dwarf butterfly bush is a popular favorite for those seeking a sun loving minitiature form of the buddelia. For lower maintenance gardeners, some new perennials have been bred for better pest-resistance and a more fastidious form and all new varieties have been trialed and tested nationwide for performance.

Every year we offer dozens of new perennials that are strains or crosses not available anywhere else. Isn't it time for you to add some new varieties of perennial shade flowers or unique sun-lovers to your garden beds?

Welcome to Plant Delights Nursery at Juniper Level Botanic Gardens. We are a private research and display botanic garden located near Raleigh, North Carolina (USDA Hardiness Zone 7b). Our retail mail order division allows us to make the best perennials from our trials available to gardeners around the world, some of which were developed here, some from our plant explorations, and others from breeders around the world. Between 1988 and 2010, Plant Delights Nursery introduced over 500 new perennial plants online to US horticulture. In 2002, we were honored to be recognized by the American Horticulture Society for our lifetime of work in commercial horticulture. We do not carry all plants online at any one time, but since our mission is to educate and inspire, we hope these images and the linked articles below will expand your garden horizons and interest. You will find an array of other interesting information and fascinating perennials throughout our website ... thank you for taking time to visit.

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