Adding Perennial Wildflowers to Your Garden?

Adding Perennial Wildflowers to Your Garden?

Find a Nursery that Specializes in Native Plants

By Published March 05, 2018 Updated July 05, 2022

Native perennial wild flowers are a lovely choice for the garden that is often overlooked. Native plants offer a great variety of forms and can often withstand local conditions more easily. Some people prefer native plants, but native plants are a great choice for anyone. United States native perennial wild flowers are a large group underused in the mainstream plant nursery market. Native plants make a great addition to the woodland garden, but also to just about any part of your garden. You may think using native perennial wild flowers among more mainstream plants might be like the Beverly Hillbillies attending a Beverly Hills Soiree, but then you've probably never seen Spigelia marilandica or ladyslipper orchids (cypripedium). Despite being native, perennial wild flowers can be ironically hard to find at the typical plant nursery.

Lucky for you Plant Delights Nursery is not your typical plant nursery. We offer a large variety of perennial wild flowers, along with other hard to find unusual plants. We even search the country to find natives worth introducing into the trade. That means we're one of the best places to find new natives, which may sound a bit oxymoronic, but we mean new to the horticulture trade or new to us. We also breed native plants and work with native plant breeders if you want a little more variety in your natives.

Not only do we find native plants but we grow and research them as well. Many plants little used in the garden, like natives, are not well tested and can be a challenge to grow in the plant nursery or the garden. We trial and research plants to find the best way to grow and care for them, this is not always an easy task when information can be hard to find on seldom grown plants. We love plants and take the extra effort so you know you're getting something special from our plant nursery.

How do you find that something special that's right for your garden? You will find plants native to North America or to certain states at our online catalog under plants by origin. If you're in the southwest, then Texas is a great place to start. In the southeast, then Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina are all great choices. Native plants come in a wide range of shapes, color, and sizes, to match the large diversity of habitats also found in North America. There is likely a native wildflower to fit your needs, and Plant Delights will help you find it.

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