Searching for Plants That Bloom All Summer

Searching for Plants That Bloom All Summer

By Published May 28, 2017 Updated June 28, 2022

Does your garden light up with color like it’s the fourth of July all summer, or is your garden a dud in the summer? You can improve your garden display with plants that bloom all summer. Where can you buy them? The best place to get plants that bloom all summer is to buy online nursery plants. If you want the best selection then shop at Plant Delights Nursery for online nursery plants. Our selection of online nursery plants is even better than the selection of fireworks in South Carolina, anyone who’s driven down I-95 knows what I’m talking about. Don’t make a serious mistake, like holding lit firecrackers or shopping for plants that bloom all summer somewhere else.

If you shop for plants that bloom all summer at a retailer it can be like buying fireworks from the grocery store, your display will be small and brief and likely the same as the neighbors. Everyone knows professional firework displays are better, so shouldn’t you get your plants from professionals too? Plant Delights Nursery is a professional nursery that grows and researches our own online nursery plants ourselves, so you know both our quality and selection is high. So for a bright professional display you won’t have to leave your yard or face crowds, just remember to buy plants that bloom all summer from Plant Delights Nursery.

Now that you know where to buy quality online nursery plants, what should you buy? If you want something as loud and showy as a firework display for full sun, then cannas are a great choice. Cannas bloom all summer with a wide range of leaf and flower pattern and color available. From a dwarf 3 feet (for cannas) up to 12 ft, cannas offer a large range to work with no matter your garden design. Cannas may not be for the weak of heart, but then neither are firework displays.

Another (late) summer bloomer not for the weak of heart is Lycoris radiata 'Fireworks'. These aptly name double flowered Lycoris suddenly bloom from nothing, evoking their namesake.These and many other summer bloomers are available at Plant Delights Nursery. We offer a large selection of unusual and hard to find plants that can make your garden look like the fourth of July all year round, not just in summer.

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