Find the Newest Plants Online From Plant Delights Nursery

Find the Newest Plants Online From Plant Delights Nursery

By Published October 28, 2018 Updated June 28, 2022

Almost everyone likes to find out what the newest hottest thing is. It's human nature and explains the existence of digital watches and boy bands. I'm not sure if anything else can. So what gardener doesn't want to hear about new plants? And the best places to find new plants are from plant nurseries online. The convenience of the internet lets you search for and find the newest plant in minutes. At a retail nursery it's like playing the lotto…will I win today and will there be something new and exciting? Probably not. Feel like a winner and buy at plant nurseries online.

Plant nurseries online make it easy to find their newest products. At Plant Delights Nursery we have a section of our new plants that makes them easy to find. Click on the link and you have all our new plants in front of you like some entertainment magazine for plants, giving you the entire scoop on who's new and popular among plants. Most plant nurseries online make it easy to find their new plants, but we are the “Times” to their gossip rags and tabloids.

Our new plants section doesn't just hold what is new to us; often it contains plants that are new to the industry as a whole. We work with breeders, collectors, and scientists, and even do our own breeding and collecting to bring new introductions to the market. Most plant nurseries online or retail stores can't say that. A new plant is discovered in some distant place, is published, and it may only be a matter of time before it ends up in the new section of our website, likely before anywhere else.

Some of our new perennials introduced this year include Sinningia 'Carolyn'Agave nizandensis 'Double Stripe', and Achimenes 'Harry Williams' which is one of our favorite groundcovers.

We introduce new items to our online catalog at least twice a year, in the spring and fall, when we also publish our catalog. And, even if a plant isn't in our new section, it could be new to you so be sure to check out our catalog in detail. We offer such an array of perennials over a wide breadth of diversity that it's easy to miss something. If you've never shopped with us there is sure to be something new to you. So be a plant hipster and shop at Plant Delights Nursery. In the garden sunglasses are actually functional so it's alright.

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