Plant Delights Nursery is Preferred over Other Native Plant Nurseries


Of all native plant nurseries , Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. has one of the most extensive selections in the country. We offer a wide selection of native plants and can provide you with detailed information about each perennial that we sell. We offer perennials that include native plants from all across North America including Mexico and Canada. Our goal is to introduce as many native plants to the public as we possibly can and we offer many from which you can choose. Our staff can help you to select the right native plants for your growing zone and we provide a large enough variety for you to completely customize your garden area.

If you prefer exotic plants which appear tropical over a native plant, we can help you with that as well. We also have a wide selection of rare plants that are not native to North America. We can help you to select a number of beautiful perennials to add color to your gardening area. Native plants like native people should be grown because they are great, irrelevant of their immigration status. Many of them offer beautiful colors and textures that are sure to add beauty to any garden. We can help you to determine if a specific native plant will thrive in your growing zone and if not, which plants are best for your region.

Hosta plants are popular non-native plants and we offer a number of hosta selections. Hosta ‘June’ is from England and offers leaves that have blue edges with creamy centers that change gradually into a dark chartreuse color. We have a wide range of U.S. native hibiscus which can be planted in both wet and dry soils. The Texas Sedge is another popular native plant that we offer. This particular plant is typically found in dry meadow and open woodlands and gives you beautiful evergreen foliage that can grow up to 30 inches tall.

These are just a few of the Native Plants, like Trillium that we offer. At Plant Delights Nursery, Inc., you will never run out of choices for adding beauty to your garden area. We offer a wide selection of the highest performing perennials that you will find. You can visit us in person during our Open House Days and see our vast selection for yourself or simply browse our website for more information about the beautiful plants that we offer for sale. Feel free to contact us directly at Plant Delights for more information.

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