Why Avid Gardeners Prefer Native Plant Nurseries

Why Avid Gardeners Prefer Native Plant Nurseries

By Published July 28, 2017 Updated June 28, 2022

Plant Delights Nursery is one of the country’s top native plant nurseries. We offer a wide selection of native plants for your garden. Native plants offer many benefits to the environment, aside from their beauty. If you want to add perennials to your garden area, we can help you to select the native plants that will grow best in your climate. Our staff is experienced in providing assistance to gardeners to help them to choose the right perennials for their needs. Whether you want plants that add colorful flowers or you prefer a variety of foliage textures and colors, we can help you to select the native plants that will make your garden beautiful.

Why native plants? Often, plants native to your USDA hardiness zone will just do better and thrive in the local conditions better than something that may be more exotic. Keep in mind that 'native' refers more to a point in time rather than a specific place when it comes to plant evolution. Also, as the climate changes, plants that once were considered natives, may not necessarily perform well in what was once considered their native environment. For instance, many Texas native plants will thrive all over the US provided they have the right conditions. 

We can provide you with information about properly planting and caring for your native plant selections and we know which specific plants will thrive in various regions. If you like biodiversity and want to mix plants from other countries with your natives, Hostas are a good choice for those who have shaded areas and want to fill them in with lovely foliage and flowers. Hostas grow in areas without direct sunlight and provide a variety of colors in their leaves. We offer ferns as well for those looking to add greenery to their gardens. We can help you to select native plants as well as tropical plants to add a special touch to your landscaping.

If you want to grow a perennial garden that will return again every year, we offer a wide variety of perennial plants and flowers. We can provide you with more information about any of the native plants that we offer and help you to grow a beautiful garden area.

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