Native Plant Nurseries

Native Plant Nurseries

By Published September 11, 2013 Updated July 11, 2022

For residents of North America, enjoying beautiful and native plants are as easy as looking out our front doors or windows. North America contains some of the most native plants in the entire country including a number of fragrant and beautiful flowers. Native plant nurseries throughout North America offer an abundance of options for trees, native foliage, native plants, and everything else in between. When you are ready to begin filling your yard with native plants, visits to your local native plant nurseries are the best way to begin.

Native plant nurseries allow for the creation of landscapes that are dynamic and colorful, and change with the seasons. Conventional clipped hedge landscapes, which are static and feature a high percentage of evergreen plants, are not conducive to the bringing nature into your garden. If you are searching for native plant landscape ideas, the key factor to remember is that not all native landscapes will look the same. It is important to remember that unlike traditional landscaping, where wilted and dying plants are merely tossed to the side to make room for brighter flowers and plants, a more dynamic landscaping includes each phase of native plants cycle to create a landscape that is true to life.

Native plant nurseries such as Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. are experts in suggesting the best native plants that will thrive for years to come, and we will even be able to explain the background story on all the native plants that we offer for sale. We also offer specific care instructions for your native plants as well. Native plants are a wonderful way to continue the tradition of your home state growing right in your back yard, and will allow you to watch and care for these native plants for a very long time.

Watch the video below about one of our favorite native perennials, baptisia.

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