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Miscanthus or Maiden Grass is a Tough and Beautiful Ornamental Grass for the Sunny Garden

Miscanthus (Maiden Grass) is one of the most prized perennial ornamental grasses when back lit by the sun, either rising or setting. This perennial makes dense clumps of arching, grassy foliage in an assortment of widths and colors. Erect, dramatic plumes of flowers rise among the leaves or well above them, and last beautifully through the winter. Plant Miscanthus where it gets good drainage and plenty of space in a sunny area.

Maiden grass is deer resistant and drought tolerant once it's established. It affords privacy and is also helpful in slope/erosion control. It is a low maintenance plant that attracts birds and the flower plumes look simply elegant in cut flower arrangements.

Miscanthus sinensis 'Gold Bar' (Gold Bar Maiden Grass) is a slow-growing clump, eventually reaching 4'. This process may take 5 years. It has upright green leaves with wide horizontal yellow banding (12-17 bands per leaf). This deer resistant plant blooms in late October. Companion plants you might consider are Lilium formosanum Giant Form (Giant Formosa Lily) and Hibiscus 'Summer Storm' (Summer Storm Hardy Mallow).

Miscanthus sinensis 'Goldfeder' (Goldfeder Maiden Grass) makes a large, arching 5' clump of green and gold striped foliage, starting in early July, with 7' tall tan flower plumes. If you have a hillside, you may wish to plant Miscanthus to help soil erosion. When planted in large drifts, you can enjoy the leaves and plumes swaying in the breeze.

Basically maiden grass has become increasingly popular to gardeners. It has become an important landscape addition to the perennial garden with gardeners opting to plant ornamental grass rather than shrubs in a sunny garden. Maiden grass may be the queen of perennial ornamental grasses. It has been an icon in North America and Europe for over a hundred years. And just in case you were wondering, the name comes from the Greek mischos “stalk” and anthos “flowers”. You can order your Miscanthus today at Plant Delights Nursery. Plant soon so you can enjoy for years to come!